Our Services

Our Services

TransSecures Services are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. If you are unsure of your precise requirements or require clarification, please contact us so we can facilitate your needs.

Secure Patient Transport

We transfer service users that require secure transport in a professional and efficient manner without compromising their dignity and welfare. 

Non-Secure Patient Transport

We transfer service users that can can be transferred informally and do not require secure transport.

136 Suite Response

We are able to respond to 136 suites and fulfil your requirements whether it be a transfer the transfer user or related service

A&E Response

We are able to respond to A&E call outs whether it be transferring a user away from A&E or vice versa.

PMVA Team Response

We can dispatch restraint teams that are well versed in dealing with service users that may be violent or deemed ‘high’ risk.

Police Custody Response

Where a service user is being detained at a Police Custody Suite, we are able to attend the Police Custody Suite and transport the service user to a pre determined destination.

Warrant Execution

Our personnel are available to form part of a multi-agency approach where a Warrant may be executed followed by a requirement to transport a service user to a specific location.

Bed Watch

We are able to provide personnel that can observe and monitor service users and potentially alleviate straining your resources where they may be more productively deployed 

International Repatriation​

We are able to repatriate service users. Please contact us with your requirements.

Court Appearance

We are able to transport service users safely and efficiently for court appearances in our Home Office Approved Category B vehicles fulfilling the requirements set by the Ministry of  Justice.

Children & Young Person Response​

All our personnel are trained in the safeguarding of children and young persons. We are also able to deploy personnel from specific ethnic backgrounds where language/communication barriers may exist.

Contact us with your requirements on 0333 8000 999