Secure Transport Service

Our secure services can be accessed at any time of the day round the year. We are always available to you or your organization, even if you are not registered with us.  In such case, you will have to answer few question to authorize our team to respond to your needs, whatever they may be.

Patient Transport

Almost all organizations often need to transfer their personnel to hospitals for first aid and treatments. Our staff is well trained to ensure safe and quick transfer to and back from hospitals. Our secure services also provides services to repatriate personnel from hospital after they have been treated and want to go home or any place they wish to go.

136 Suite Responses

Our experience teams respond to 136 suites and are capable of managing the subsequent transfer requirements of the service users after they have been assessed.

Warrant Execution

Multi-agency approach is adopted by our service technicians for issuing warrants for the purpose of sectioning and recalling the service users, usually from the place of their residence. This is done on behalf or AMHP. The service user is taken to a designate place of safety for appropriate treatment.

Children and Young Persons

Our staff of TS are adequately trained to follow comprehensive policies and procedures that are necessary for save transfer of children and young persons, as  they are qualified in Level 3 Safeguarding of Children and Young Persons. We can also provide mixed gender teams daily and are capable to handle sensitive tasks.

Court Appreances

Users who are detained under the Mental Health Act and fall within the forensic category, are likely to attend court. We provide ambulances that have built-in Home Office Approved Category B cells, that satisfies the requirement of Ministry of Justice. This ensures the safe and secure transport for all the concerned.

Police Custody

When requested, we make sure service users who are detained under the police section 135 and 136 are safely conveyed to their local Police Custody suite. Our response time is quick and the service user is moved to an appropriate without unnecessary delay.

A & E Transfers

In case of accidents or emergency, TS offers their services to the organizations that are in need. Our team remains there until the patient is discharged after necessary treatment. If the service user is admitted overnight, our operator will coordinate with the care team to arrange Bed Watch Service.

Outpatient Appointments

Service users who are detained under the mental health act, sometimes required to attend outpatient appointments. TS ensures safe and secure transport facility by providing necessary support to accompany the service user to their appointment.

International Repatriation

Repatriation of service users who are overseas in countries like Ireland, Spain and France, can now be managed by our TS team. For more information please speak to our operators team who has the experience to handle complex journeys.

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